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Regardless of the field of study, essay writing is a significant element of your educational career, as you progress from high school, through undergraduate training, and into master’s level courses. For this reason, BuyEssayService.com’s professionals dedicate a great deal of time and attention to assuring continuous high quality custom essays, on each and every order requested through our service.

Our process in assuring quality essay results begins with matching the correct professional to the specific requirements of the essay order. There are numerous factors that are considered in making this match:

Customer preferences regarding professional writers

Customers may prefer a specific writer based upon previous experience, references, or writer profiles, which are made available at the time of order.

Each professional writer has a specific field of knowledge in which they are most proficient

Matching professionals with custom essay content requests ensures high quality results and a quick response. Fields of content expertise found among our professional writing staff include Art and Humanities, History, Archaeology, Social Sciences, Earth Sciences, Economics, Philosophy, Theology, Medicine, Political Science, Law, Medicine, and much more.


The availability of the professional writer to complete the essay order within the specified timeframe. The availability of required materials to the professional writer selected for the order.

Referencing & Citing

Our professionals are strict in citing all materials used, and in selecting material that is of reputable quality for the type of essay assignment ordered.This not only increases the quality of the essay’s referencing, ensuring it will meet with academic standards, but it can significantly improve the essay’s content as well. This strict adherence to citing all references also decreases any possibility for issues regarding plagiarism to arise. Whether the source is a book, journal article, newspaper clipping, video, website, white paper, or radio talk interview, our customers know that they will be able to discover the original sources used for their essay, and that each and every source has been properly credited within the paper.

The true quality of our service can be found in our careful use of referencing in developing your essay. Our professionals are trained in all of the most common forms of required referencing and formatting standards including:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Harvard
  • Chicago
  • Turabian

Double quality control

Before your custom essay is delivered to you, it is first delivered by the writer to our customer support services panel, where it is screened through a variety of powerful plagiarism detection engines, as a safeguard against any sign of infringement. Our policy is to send papers back to the writer for re-working whenever any returns with positive remarks,  to ensure no that positive results remain. However this scenario, is a rarity.  As a result of this careful process, our customers are guaranteed a high quality custom written essay created specifically for their order that will not appear again, except of ther own volition.

Why Choose BuyEssayService?
5 Reasons to choose BuyEssayService.com

The fact is that there are many essay writing companies for you to choose from. However, when it comes to hiring an essay writer, you want to make sure you choose the very best writer for the job. After all, your grades are on the line, and you want to make certain you turn in quality work you can be proud of.

1. 100% Custom Essays

It is absolutely vital that you are sure the work you are turning in is 100% original. Schools have no tolerance for plagiarism.

2. Quality Writing on any Subject

We help students with essay assignments in all subjects and at all grade levels. No matter what the subject of your assignment, you can depend on BuyEssayService to handle your assignment properly. We have a talented, diverse team of essay writers that consists of experts in every subject area.

3. The Best Writers

Only the best essay writers work with us. Every essay writer on our team has earned high-level university degrees and has extensive writing experience. Furthermore, we have a rigorous hiring process that tests the skills of each writer to ensure they are capable of delivering the level of quality we expect as a top custom essay company.

4. 24/7 Customer Support

Your satisfaction is always our top objective. That is why we provide customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you ever have a question or need help with your order, our friendly, knowledgeable service representatives will be here for you.

5. Affordable Prices

As a student, you probably do not have a lot of money to spend on essay writing services. That is all right. We offer affordable prices on all of our paper writing services. In fact, we are one of the most competitively priced essay writing companies. No other company can match the quality of papers we deliver at these prices.

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